Personal Brand & Cold Outreach: What You Need To Know

December 5, 2023

Cold Email

A Complete Guide on Growing & Leveraging Your Personal Brand to Increase Cold Outreach Performance

What Happens When Someone Gets Your Message?

First Impressions: Imagine someone gets your email. What's the first thing they do?

They check you out online. Your online stuff is like a first handshake.

Online Presence: If your LinkedIn looks sharp, your social media is packed with relevant business info, and you've got informative blog posts, it shows you know your stuff.

Being "Googleable": This refers to how easily someone can find you online when they search your name.

Ideally, your face, name, and achievements should dominate the search results.

It Doesn't Just Help Outreach, It Helps Sales Too.

Trust is Huge: People buy from those they trust.

A solid online look builds this trust.

Ease of Sales: With trust, selling becomes easier.

A good online business reputation can help you close deals faster, close more of them, close with less effort, and charge more $$$ for the same work.

Shaping Perception: A social presence online not only assists in getting sales calls but also changes the entire frame of the sales call and negotiation process.

Being a Somebody vs. a Nobody

Real Talk: If you're a nobody online, it's tough. If you're a somebody, people listen.

Example Avatars:

  • Option 1:

    • Unique search results

    • frequent podcast guest

    • active on multiple social platforms

    • visible face

    • large following

    • optimized landing page with resources

  • Option 2:

    • Not the prominent person in search results

    • minimal online presence

    • no business-related content

The Better Choice: Clearly, Option 1 is preferable, and all these elements are within your control.

Boosting Your Online Presence

Be "Googleable": To establish a strong online presence, consistently post valuable information on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and other relevant social media.

Content Variety: Include normal posts, long-form content, sales asset giveaways, videos, podcasts, and step-by-step guides.

Blogs: Repurpose content from sales assets into blogs, LinkedIn articles, or newsletters. Remember to slightly alter the content for different platforms and include related YouTube videos.

Bring In Other Experts: Co-create with other prominent figures in adjacent industries that you can leverage to make yourself respected by their following.

The Bottom Line

The New Reality: Running cold outreach without a personal brand isn't feasible anymore. An online existence is crucial for credibility and leveraging trust-based selling during sales calls.

If you're an agency owner:

  • doing over $5k/month

  • able and willing to invest multiple 4 figures into lead gen

  • have case studies and testimonials

and are looking to:

  • inflate your tax bill

  • get on 15-40 sales calls every month with your dream prospect

  • looking for email marketing only pay for every call you get on (no retainers)

book a time on THIS calendar link below to see how we can work together.

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We make quality content related to lead generation.

Watch Our Recent Videos

We make quality content related to lead generation.

Watch Our Recent Videos

We make quality content related to lead generation.