The Ultimate Cold Email Follow-Up Strategy

April 4, 2024

The Ultimate Cold Email Follow-Up Strategy

In the world of cold email lead generation, mastering the art of the follow-up is crucial. But what if there was a strategy that could revitalize even the coldest of leads? We tried a new follow-up approach that comprises just about 20 words and witnessed remarkable results across various platforms. This strategy breaks away from conventional, ineffective follow-ups, paving the way for meaningful engagement and, ultimately, conversions.

Why Most Follow-Ups Fail

Traditional follow-up attempts often fall into the trap of being overly generic, offering no real value, and frankly, being a nuisance. Messages like "Did you see the video I sent?" or "Can we jump on a quick call?" lack the essential elements of a successful outreach. They're impersonal, offer no tangible benefits, and blend into the sea of other ignored messages in your prospect's inbox.

Video Explanation

Probably a good time to mention that there is a video version of this strategy overview so that you can understand it easier.

Crafting the Perfect Follow-Up

The secret to an effective follow-up lies in three critical elements: relevancy, directness, and value. Here's how to make each count:


Your strategy will only succeed if it targets the right people. This means having a well-curated lead list and reaching out to individuals who genuinely benefit from your offering.

This means that you have to ALREADY be targeting the right people from the get-go in order for the follow up to be going to the right person.

In this video, there is a section on how we conduct market research and plan out the scope of our target market for our cold email campaigns.


In an era of dwindling attention spans, directness is key. Your follow-up should immediately capture interest and convey your message without beating around the bush.

Before sending any message, we do our best to "write better cold emails with an eraser." This means that we don't include filler words and things that don't directly add to the value of the email.


Here lies the biggest challenge: providing real, actionable value. True value isn't a generic case study or an ambiguous piece of advice.

It's about offering something your prospect can use—something that not only grabs their attention but also demonstrates your expertise and the benefits of engaging with you.

Examples of True Value

- A custom cold calling script tailored to their business

- A personalized lead list for their sales team

- Complimentary ad designs to boost their marketing efforts

- Free, professionally designed email templates

- A unique UGC (User-Generated Content) video to enhance their online presence

The Magic Message

One of our game-changing follow-up message is deceptively simple:

"Hey [Name], can I send you 100 free leads for you to see who we can get you on sales calls using cold email?"

Despite its simplicity, this message has proven effective across LinkedIn, Twitter, and cold email, reigniting interest from prospects who had previously gone silent.

Real-Life Success Stories

On LinkedIn alone, this approach broke through to prospects who had ignored multiple follow-ups, sparking conversations and demonstrating the immense interest in our lead list offer.

Another one from LinkedIn. This one made him follow up with us because he wanted to see the lead list THAT MUCH.

This is how it works over email:

How we responded to that lead:

Beyond the Message

When a prospect responds, the conversation can lead to them booking a call, requesting a specific time to discuss further, or inquiring more about the service. This is where the strategy proves its worth, transforming dormant leads into engaged, interested parties eager to learn more about your offer.

Important Considerations

While this strategy is undeniably effective, it requires more effort and commitment than standard follow-up attempts. It's crucial to deliver on your promise of value, ensuring that once a prospect shows interest, they receive exactly what you've offered.

Conclusion: Reinvigorate Your Cold Email Strategy

This follow-up strategy offers a fresh approach to re-engaging leads and driving conversions. By focusing on relevance, directness, and genuine value, you can stand out from the competition and turn cold leads into hot prospects.

If you're interested in implementing a sales call printing cold email machine into your B2B business, book a call HERE to chat with us.

There's no obligations after the call, and the worst thing that can happen is learning how we do it so you can do it on your own.

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We make quality content related to lead generation.

Watch Our Recent Videos

We make quality content related to lead generation.

Watch Our Recent Videos

We make quality content related to lead generation.