How we did cold email for a video production offer.

March 23, 2024

We helped Sam Weinger drive sales for his B2B Video Production Company using cold email outreach.

Okay, this is exactly how this came about… (it's a good story - listen up!)

Sam Weigner had a pretty big problem.

His business, a B2B video production company (Industry Video) was having a hard time getting new clients. 

Now, Sam is pretty smart guy - he was trying to do cold email himself, joined “networking” groups, and tried many other things to get some new clients through the door. 

But nothing, and I mean NOTHING, was working well. 

The worst part? Sam was actually really good at what he does. 

Here is some of his work if you want to check it out. 

So, long story short - Sam needed to figure out a way to generate some leads for his business. 

At that very moment, Sam makes a 1000 IQ move - he reaches out to Infinite Bookings to run his cold email for him. 

And the GREAT news, we were able to help him. And we still are helping him!

Let me run you through the process of how we brought Industry Video paying clients by sending cold emails. 

Step 1: Create email sending infrastructure.

We set up cold email accounts for Industry Video. With the goal of sending 600 cold emails per day, we set up 20 cold email sending accounts. 

This means that we were sending roughly 30 cold emails every day from each account, which is a safe metric that we go by to make sure our accounts aren’t detected and sent to the dreaded spam folder. 

Once we had the email accounts created, we had to connect them to an automated cold email sending tool. We use for this. 

If you are not sure which cold email-sending tool is best for you, here is a breakdown that will help you determine which one you should go with. 

So, now we have cold email sending accounts connected to our sending tool. We can now start “warming them up” and making sure that they are primed for the volume they will soon take on. (in 2 weeks)

Step 2: Propagate lead lists of decision-makers. 

Now, we need to understand who we are looking to get in touch with. 

This includes asking yourself questions like: 

Who takes care of the service I provide?

What type of companies need my service?

Where are they located?

…and much, much more. 

We take that information and run to our databases to find as many qualified decision-makers as possible within Sam’s ICP (Ideal Client Profile)

Now, for niches such as e-commerce, software, etc. there are huge databases that allow you to make granular (very segmented) lead lists quite easily. 

The thing is, there aren’t databases like that for the B2B manufacturing niche, so we had to go another way. 

We created a detailed look-a-like list using the search filters within and exported the contact information. 

Some of the keywords we used to get a list of these manufacturing companies is electronic(s) manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, electronic parts manufacturer, and many other similar ones.

Using the “exclude keyword” filter on Apollo also got rid of a bunch of the companies that didn’t fit directly into the ideal client profile. 

This is also the point in which we filtered out for employee count, location and job titles. 

More specifically, we were looking for sales managers, business development managers, and other similar positions. 

It looked something like this once we exported it. 

One thing to note is that we verified the lead with MillionVerifier to make sure we are only sending to verified email addresses and that we follow email deliverability best practices. 

Alright, once you’re done with that - you should have a lead list that is full of people that could eventually become your client. 

Step 3: Create personalized cold email scripts. 

From there, we went on to personalize a relevant message to these leads that includes a clear value proposition and CTA (call-to-action).

Our surface-level offer to these decision-makers was to send them a guide on how they can increase their sales using video strategies. 

The only thing we wanted to do it bite for the first bait - and bite they did. 

We want the message to stick out within the inbox (these people are getting bombarded with cold emails too) so our scripts looked something like this:

First email to Lanco Integrated (a B2B manufacturing company - the PERFECT client for Sam):

Follow up to Lanco Integrated 3 days later:

Second followup with Lanco Integrated 4 days later:

We’re getting there… the last follow-up with Lanco Integrated:

Got them to respond to that; this is what they said:

Quickly responded to them to organize the call, and boom - call booked. 

This call that we organized had 3 of their members attend, one of which was the Global Vice President, and the other was the Global Sales & Marketing Specialist. 

Both are the best people Sam could be speaking with at that specific company.

This is just one of the script variations that we were testing, but we had many other work as well that included pitching loom videos, sales documents, and others.

Step 4: Launch the campaign

Once we had the essential parts of the campaign set up, we were ready for takeoff!

Sam and I quickly hopped on a call to confirm:

  1. Email sending infrastructure

  2. Lead List

  3. Scripts

Once that was confirmed we loaded the campaign into our sending tool and got going!

We started sending at 50% of total sending capacity to keep everything safe and not burn out any of our domains

Within the next two weeks we scaled to 90% capacity. 

Step 5: Manage responses from prospects

By the time we’ve sent our first 3,000 cold emails (~4 days of sending), we already had 7 interested prospects looking to get more information on the offer and document we were offering them in the first email. 

But they didn’t all right away say “Let’s get on a call, Sam! I’d love to hear about this!”

Some of the prospects took some more qualification and convincing that the service was useful to them. 

In this case, we would send them some more resources explaining the benefits of the service, and for a select few - we even gave them a ring to get them booked in on the spot. 

Once they respond to your message positively, you need to make sure they have all the info they need to book in a call ASAP!

Key notes when managing responses:

  1. Respond quickly

  2. Give a decent amount of info for them

  3. Show proof of competency whenever possible

  4. Don’t sound like a robot - be human

Step 6: Flood Sam’s calendar and make him a full-time salesman. (just kidding)

Once someone agreed to a call over the email, it was as simple as sending a calendar link to them and having them book in for a time that works for them.

Overall - this whole situation was a win-win. 

Sam got some more cash in the bank and new client relationships. 

He also has peace of mind that he won’t run out of clients to work with anymore. 

And on the other hand, we helped a business owner in need and proved to him that his services are needed!

BY THE WAY! Here's the video of what Sam had to say about working with us:

If you are a B2B business owner and you want:

  • more quality leads

  • on a pay-per-qualified call basis

  • without lifting a finger 

Schedule a call here: 

If you are trying to learn more about cold email outreach and how it can bring you your next clients, this is probably a good place to start:

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We make quality content related to lead generation.

Watch Our Recent Videos

We make quality content related to lead generation.

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We make quality content related to lead generation.